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Welcome to Tamasco Pty Ltd.

Mostly your business runs smoothly and worry-free. Your employees finish their tasks, sales are going only upwards, and you lead in the run with your competition. But quite often and unexpectedly changes big enough occur. Then the things you’ve always been doing are no longer working. Performance of your team fades, sales decrease and your competitors cut their prices in order to attract your customers, succeeding in that. How do you reclaim your business grounds, focus and lead the pack again? Especially when you feel like you’re no longer in a controlling position?

The opposite of that may be when everything is going alright. Your company is growing quickly, and with that growth new challenges emerge. Miscellaneous brand new choices and opportunities are all around. So what do you do in such a confusing new business environment? Do you expand into a new market? Extend your product offering? Go for an acquisition of smaller competitions or even consider a merger with your main market rivals? These are the decisions that will determine the long-term success of your firm. How do you make sure the path you’re about to take is the right one?